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DGC and other programs


ESPRESSO is a tool for the minization of two level boolean expressions. ESPRESSO contains many excellent algorithms.

Download: http://www-cad.eecs.berkeley.edu/Software/software.html

The program dgsop of the DGC project has been written as a replacement for ESPRESSO. The default behaviour of dgsop is the minimization of a PLA file (just like ESPRESSO).

dgsop contains only an exact minimzation algorithm. There should be never a difference to the results of an exact algorithm of ESPRESSO. dgsop does not contain the signature algorithm and heuristic approaches.


EQNTOTT is a conversion utility that creates a PLA file from a more readable description.

Download: http://www.nullstone.com/eqntott/eqntott.htm

The DGC project also provides a more readable file format: BEX. BEX is very similar to the input format of EQNTOTT. For the DGC project there is no additional conversion tool from BEX to PLA. All programs that accept PLA also read BEX files.

Nevertheless if such a conversion is required, one can use dgsop. The default output of dgsop is a PLA file. An emulation of EQNTOTT would be: dgsop -nop in.bex -op out.pla. The opposite conversion is: dgsop -nop in.pla -ob out.bex.


SIS is a synthesis tool for PLA files and other formats.

Download: http://www-cad.eecs.berkeley.edu/Software/software.html

The program dgc is the synthesis compiler of the DGC project. dgc reads the input data from a file and produces a netlist.

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