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Editing the synthesis parameters

The synthesis parameters can be divided into:

To modify the synthesis parameters:

In the picture of the "Synthesis Parameters..." dialog box are shown the default values for these parameters.

The following synthesis parameter are avilable:

2 level minimization
Minimizes the boolean expression before creating the generic netlist.

Multi level optimization
Tries to find common subexpressions before creating the generic netlist.

Net cache optimization
Collects common subexpressions while creating the generic netlist.

Generic cell optimization
Applies several algorithms to reduce the generic netlist.

Technology optimization
Applies several algorithms after technology mapping.

State machine type
DGC can create synchronous or asynchronous (burst-mode) state machines.

Reset type
Selects how to reset the state machine. This option is valid for synchronous and asynchronous state machines.

Delay correction
Only for asynchronous state machines: Disable the delay correction of the feedback lines. This will probably create an invalid digital circuit.

Use output as feedback lines
Only for asynchronous state machines: Use output lines for state encoding of asynchronous state machines.

Delay path construction
Create additional delay chain with a delay that is larger than the longest path of the design.

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